Don’t Impede Her Sexual Pleasure – Penetration Alone Does Not Guarantee Orgasm

Not to be a bearer of bad news but male chauvinism is not yet dead! Just watch television for an hour or two and you find that society still believes all a man has to do is cast a seducing look at a woman and she is ready for sex. Guess what guys? Nothing is further from the truth. As the “stronger” sex we are still failing to sexually satisfy our lovers on a regular basis. This is not due to the woman’s lack of orgasmic ability but we do not understand how female pleasure works. All of the necessary plumbing is in place and active since puberty, all we need is to spend a little time learning how to “operate” the system.

Initially get over the idea that all that is necessary is to plunge your penis into a vagina and within a few hard thrusts your partner is wrapped in orgasmic throes. Vaginal intercourse ranks as one of the least effective methods to bring a woman to orgasm. Once you are past the entrance there are very few nerve endings that will bring pleasure. When you have been ineptly using this “poke-and-pleasure” approach your partner often thinks “I’ll just finish this job myself later on”. She knows exactly where those orgasm-inducing nerves are concentrated and can hit those spots until climax. Might just be a good idea to get your mind off your own “O” and ask her to help you improve your performance!

While all the necessary sexual equipment comes standard on your lady most of us neglect the most important one. The mind! A very large part of a woman’s sexual satisfaction has to do with her state of mind. Society still embeds into a young girls mind that most sexual encounters should have a certain amount of shame involved. A man with many “conquests” under his belt if often referred to as a “stud” and enviously admired by his peers. As for the “conquests” they frequently are tagged as sluts and looked down on by many males seeking partners. Even as they mature and discover themselves many women still find this a very large barrier to break through. Society and modern media portray women as the mechanism of male fantasy, bringing them immense pressure to live up to that standard, even when it has very little to do with her sexual pleasure. Attempting to overcome this pressure practically guarantees orgasmic failure! Again, why not work with your partner and help both of you overcome these idiotic standards?

Finally, a man should realize that sexual stimulation is not an on/off switch for his lady. Just touching her will not bring certainty to her orgasm, thus preparation for sex should be a total package and not just a “poke-and-stroke” adventure! Kiss her, stroke and caress her with love and MEAN IT! When you show her that you truly value her then sexual pleasures can easily be in the immediate future. While it is not your complete responsibility to “give” your partner an orgasm each and every time, knowing that when she feels relaxed, comforted and valued by the man in her bed achievement of real sexual satisfaction will no longer be just a dream!

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